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June 28, 2004

June 27, 2004

Seattle Pride Parade 2004

June 26, 2004

Kaos Camp's "Hottie Car Wash" Fundraiser

June 25, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

June 21, 2004

My grandparents, Betty and Charles; my sister Joanna, with camera; my aunt Rebecca. (Facing away in foreground: my sister Melissa.)

Timothy, my youngest sibling

My sister Joanna and my father's sister Rebecca

My father's other sister, Lois

Joy, daughter of Micah, my childhood best friend

June 20, 2004

Wedding of Julia Durkee and Martin Beal

June 18, 2004

My mother and brother Michael prepare the reception hall

Joanna seems to like my sunglasses

Rehearsing the wedding ceremony: Julia (the bride), my mother, Laura (wedding coordinator), Jeanine, Joanna (half hidden), and my father (in motion). Seated are the groom's mother (in blue) and a family friend I don't really know

Ahh, the adorable ringbearer (youngest sibling Timothy)

When is our food arriving, my siblings would like to know? Left to right: Timothy, Carolyn, Michael, Andrew, Melissa, and Joanna (half hidden once again).

June 17, 2004

Getting ready to leave for the weekend; I'm flying to Sacramento for my sister Julia's wedding. Yes, I know, the Central Valley of California in the middle of summer - it's insane. But there's no way I'm missing it. My tux is freshly laundered. I have a big supply of sunblock and a pile of sleeveless, lightweight shirts. I don't yet know whether I'm taking my computer; updates are unlikely until I get back Monday evening.

June 16, 2004

Random ferry trip to Bainbridge

June 13, 2004

Hike to Surprise Lake

June 12, 2004

I finally found a narrow shelving unit to house the three-foot stack of books that has been sitting in the gap between my piano and the corner of my living room since I moved into this apartment four months ago. Despite taking up the same floor footprint and having the same vertical height as the stack it replaced, the bookshelf reached capacity after I had stowed barely more than half of the homeless books. I trundled back over to the Broadway Market, bought another set of the same shelves, placed it on the opposite side of the piano, and continued filling; this unit ended up with just shy of one shelf's worth of empty space. Final result: in spite of adding 150% to my apartment's shelving capacity in one afternoon, I'm still almost out of places to put books.

June 10, 2004

A Seattle moment: it's ten o'clock in the evening, and three people are walking up Denny, passing by my window; one is beating a bass drum, another is playing along with a pair of cowbells, and the third is bouncing off any convenient walls or curbs with his skateboard.

I have no idea.

I love this city.

June 6, 2004

Here's a Reassuring article suggesting that tourism has revitalized Mongolia's nomad tradition. It doesn't seem to be a stable solution in the long term, but perhaps tourism will buy time and keep the way of life intact while Mongolia gets through this generation of post-Soviet development.

June 5, 2004

I may be closer to being able to put on my own show than I had thought. I had expected to provide all my own monitor gear, but I talked about some of my plans with Megan at the club last night, and she told me that most venues offer their own systems. It's also apparently common for the sound guy to have a supply of microphones and stands, so I can probably skip the second mic & stand I was going to buy for the backup vocalist. I would still rather use IEMs than the traditional wedge monitors, but the $500 I was going to spend on earphones and personal mixers will just about cover the rest of my shopping list, so I'm willing to wait. All I need now, for a minimal show, is a CD burner for my computer, a rack-mountable CD player, and a rack case. Oh, and some more finished songs.

I'd still like to have a live drummer. The audience at an electronic music concert knows that some portion of what they're hearing is prerecorded, but they still want it to feel live, and having a drummer on stage goes a long way to help them suspend their disbelief. I'd rather not deal with all the hassle of an acoustic drum kit on stage, but finding a drummer who can play to a backing track and is interested in industrial rock is going to be hard enough, and I don't think I'll find anyone who matches that description AND comes with a set of electronic drums. So I'm probably going to have to buy something like this one of these days. Who knows? If I buy it, maybe I'll learn to play it.

June 4, 2004

I'm back in Seattle safe and sound. I am still hoping to upload a photo gallery from my trip to New York, but the pile of photos is so overwhelming that I may not actually get around to it.

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