Limo Races 2005: Team Sparkle Motion

The limo race is a costume party scavenger hunt on wheels. Teams assemble, and the limos depart at 9 PM; at midnight, everyone returns to the starting point with checklists filled and bottles emptied. We were Team Sparkle Motion, in nominal homage to the girls' dance troupe in Donnie Darko; of course we looked nothing like them, but it was a great excuse to wear flashy, blinky stuff.

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Dr. Carmichael, Janet, and Natalia prepare their costumes.

We accomplished the first task before the limos even arrived: painting a male teammember's toenails.

We had it all planned out.

Especially the part with the alcohol.

Excuse me, ma'am, would you help us out with this scavenger hunt?

Somebody had a little too much fun with the glitter.

The staff at Mama's knew exactly what we were after: Team “Threat Level Red” had beaten us to the sombrero. We still got our picture, though.

Yes, that is a shot.

Checklist: Ride the pig, at 10:45. Oops, it's 10:50 - nevermind, somebody set your watch back - we have a photo to take!

Onward, with a kidnapped member of a competing team.

The SPD officer who walked up as this picture was being staged thankfully did not lack a sense of humor.

Objective: find and crash a house party. We swooped in, stayed for five minutes, and took off for the finish line.

Natalia, me, Michael, Allie, Mez

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